Vintage Girl-On-Girl Nudes Of Melania Trump Have Surfaced

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Melania Trump nudes

So this morning, the New York post decided to run a feature on our nation’s future First Lady, Melania Trump. The feature revealed Melania baring it all from a photo shoot in 1995. Back before she knew Donald, Melania modeled under the name Melania K. In the recently surfaced photos from her shoot for a French men’s magazine, Melania posed naked solo and also posed naked with female model Emma Eriksson.

Since we can’t host the pictures on this site, I can tell you where to look by going here, and you can also go here to see them. How about that body on Melania?

This isn’t the first time that Melania’s nudes have been tossed into the campaign news. A pro-Ted Cruz Super PAC used an old Melania nude in an anti-Trump attack ad. It’s not like this election could be any more of a giant clusterfuck, so adding in these new girl-on-girl nudes really just cements the fact that we’re living in a political circus for the next few months.

Trump had no issue with the photos surfacing, either. In fact, he said that her body is beautiful. He’s not wrong.

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