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    Land Of Cotton

    Frat Early said:

    VT has pathetic Greek life when compared to most other schools in the state. Hampden-Sydney, Washington and Lee, Randolph Macon, VMI and UVA are all in a different league. I think a lot of it has to do with an anti-Greek administration, and although I think their Greek life is improving it sure as shit has a long way to go before its remotely comparable to someplace like UVA.

    Also having a castrated turkey as your mascot is pretty NF. Just saying.

    yeah VMI frats so fucking hard…. retard.

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    CF Orvis said:

    SigPhiHokie said:

    tuffy11111 said:

    Whats the best fraternity bar at VT? My dad is an alum but he was a GDI, but we usually go to a game or two. He always wants to go to ToTS. Geed bar or ok?

    Frattiest bar is TOTS, and the overflow that can’t get in there goes to Big Al’s and Sharkey’s.

    Sharkey’s is NF. Virginia Tech is probably the third frattiest school in VA, after Hampden-Sydney and Washington & Lee (both way TFTC).

    Of the three frattiest schools in the Commonwealth, Tech is not one of them. Agree with H-S and W&L, but definitely forgetting UVa.

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    get wasted

    the school is very strict on greek life. plus greek life is very young (young chapters means less alumnus $$$). we still do the most we can with our situation

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