Waka Flocka Flame Throws Ridiculous Concert At Alabama Delta Chi, Charges Them 40 Bottles Of Champagne

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Nice Move

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A lot of you probably think the cover band you hired once to play at your ’80s Joel and Piano Hoes mixer was pretty sick. Alabama’s Delta Chi dismissively scoffs at you. This past weekend, hip-hopper Waka Flocka Flame ventured down to Alabama’s campus in order to throw a concert at the Delta Chi house. Casual guest appearances by world famous rappers? I guess that’s just how they roll down in Tuscaloosa.

Waka Flocka’s appearance fee? Forty bottles of champagne, which only cost the Delta Chis a smooth $25,000.

The concert was initially supposed to be outside, but Mother Nature had other plans, and decided to literally–BRILLIANT RAP REFERENCE ALERT–make it rain. Promoters were then forced to move the concert into the living room.


Way to go hard in da paint, Bama. I’m killing it with these rap puns, guys.

[via TMZ]


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