Want To Date Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s Daughter? Here’s What It Takes

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Nice Move

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Marcus Luttrell is an American hero. He is best-known for his role in Operation Red Wings and authoring Lone Survivor, a bestselling book wherein Luttrell tells his amazing eye-witness account of the mission. If there is one thing that Luttrell wants you to know, it is that he is willing to protect his own at all costs. It doesn’t matter if he is fighting off Taliban soldiers or fighting off teenage boys from his daughter when she is older.

Just as he went through hell in the mountains of Afghanistan, he will make sure that his daughter’s potential date will go through hell. Last week, he posted this status on his Facebook page listing out the requirements to date his daughter:

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.05.47 AM

Good luck to the poor soul who is the first candidate.

[via Facebook]


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