Washburn Phi Delt Suspended Because Of Vulgar Texts Referencing Sex With Minors

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Washburn Phi Delt Suspended Because They Sent Vulgar Text Messages To One Another

Lately, it seems like we can’t go a day without seeing another chapter getting suspended. Today it’s Phi Delt at Washburn University. Nationals decided to suspend them after discovering images of vulgar texts that were sent between brothers. I’m really scratching my head over this one.

From The Topeka Capital-Journal:

A Washburn University fraternity’s operations have been suspended by its national leadership after images of sexually vulgar text messages between members surfaced.

There is no word on how long the suspension will last, or what it entails. The school and Phi Delt’s nationals are currently investigating the situation.

So what exactly were in these texts? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and look, shall we?

“Women are equal and deserve respect … just kidding they should (expletive).”

That text is straight up lyrics from one of Jon Lajoie’s satirical songs. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

The song is a classic and has probably been quoted in text messages by millions of people. No one is calling for Lajoie’s head. So I’m not sure why people are up in arms over it.

One message suggests a 12-year-old is old enough for sex.

“She’s 12. She’s a woman,” the message says. The next reply: “That’s my sister. If you want your balls left intact, I suggest you get that (expletive) out of your head.”

How people don’t realize that this is more than likely a joke is beyond me. If he was legitimately talking about statutory raping this girl, then yes throw the goddamn book at him, but come on. This is just a dumbass joke. Nothing more.

Better watch what you text these days, because no one can take a joke, especially an obvious and stupid one.

[via The Topeka Capital-Journal]

Image via Washburn Phi Delta Theta


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