Washington State Cancels Thursday Classes On Halloween For ASU Football Game

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Nice Move

From SB Nation:

In what might be the most WSU thing in the history of WSU things, President Elson Floyd announced Thursday that the school will cancel classes on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 31, in advance of that night’s televised football game against Arizona State.

Additionally, he said that attendance at morning classes will be at the discretion of faculty.

^ I know this isn’t a WSU crowd, but the colors look right, so we’re going with it.

This is the kind of thing that college students live for, isn’t it? It’s one of them, anyway. It’s like having classes canceled due to snow and icy roads times a million. The Washington State administration may want to consider canceling Friday classes as well, unless they want to set the record for lowest attendance ever recorded for a single day.

However, we all know what’s really going on: A not insignificant number of students probably were going to blow off their afternoon classes anyway in an effort to get their prefunk on.

“Prefunk.” I’ve never heard it before, but I love it. I’m going to start prefunking right now. Time to shut ‘er down.

[via SB Nation]

Image via The Observer



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