WASPY Creighton Guys Bring The House Down With “Straight Outta Creighton” Rap

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Nice Move

So we got a hot tip from some guy who is “just tryna get his alma mater on the map,” but I’m not sure this is the best way to go about it. This will definitely put them on the map, I guess, but probably not in the way that the tipster imagined. The video is from 2014 and only has 55K views, but that view count is about to get a whole lot higher.

This is as bad as any fraternity parodying “I’m On A Boat” with “I’m In A Frat.” Have we not learned our lesson that we only make ourselves look like fools when we do this kind of stuff? It never ends well.

Spoiler alert: This is most likely going to end up on this week’s Fail Friday.


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