Watch As Lesbians Try To Understand The Details Of Straight Sex

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Nice Move

Lesbians are always asked questions about their sex lives by straight people, but how much do they actually know about straight sex? Let’s find out.

I think I can be of some assistance to you.

Q: Why haven’t all straight women had sex with a woman?
A: Because they’re all dumb.

Q: Do men ever eat women out, like, ever?
A: I’m never not eating a girl out.

Q: If he has a beard, and she has hair, and he goes down on her, do they get stuck together like Velcro?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you know what sperm smells like?
A: No, I can’t smell through my mouth.

Q: Do straight people actually enjoy sex?
A: Psh. Sex? I love sex! That’s why I have it so much. Sex, that is. I have it. With girls.

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