Watch James Franco Joke About Soliciting Teenagers Rumors On SNL

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Nice Move


Earlier this April, 35-year old James Franco allegedly took to the great career-killer, social media DM-ing (this time Instagram), in order to hook up with a girl who purportedly turned out to be 17. Whether or not the incident is legitimate, or just another case of James Franco doing James Franco things- his new film, Palo Alto, is about a pervy soccer coach creeping on one of his players- is up in the air at this point.

Fast forward to this past weekend. Franco’s slightly less attractive friend Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live. Never one to miss an opportunity to throw a little spotlight toward his friends’ way, Rogen brought his former Freaks and Geeks costar out on the stage at Studio 8H and made a major confession.

Well played, you handsome son of a gun. It’s always smart to get out in front of the joke. What better way to get people off your back for attempting to rob the cradle than by going to a 39-year old show that’s equally guilty of robbing the grave. Now everyone can go back to doing what they were doing before: wishing they were James Franco.

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