WATCH: Ol’ Ball Coach Crushing Chest Day In The Gym

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Nice Move

In the story posted by Deadspin, the writer leaves himself some wiggle room by revealing that this looks a hell of a lot like Coach Steve Spurrier, but he doesn’t confirm it. I’ll go ahead and do it, though. That’s Ol’ Ball Coach alright. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. If you look closely, you can see the fresh visor hair. Case closed.

That’s classic Spurrier. Throw in a “fuck you” workout vest and a chest workout that would make your mother’s knees buckle with sexual exuberance, and I’m at 100% certainty on this one.

Just absolutely killing it. He’ll be beach ready in time for spring break. No doubt.

This reminds me of the older man I see in the gym every morning here at the office. He comes in wearing tucked-in button-downs, blue jeans, and the classic, white dad tennies. But don’t let the look fool you. He’s an animal in the weight room. I actually posted the below Vine of him this morning. Today was arm day.

If his back doesn’t give out before pool season comes around, hide your girlfriends.

[via Vine, Deadspin]



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