Watch TFM’s Idiot Writers Race To See Who Can Get The Drunkest In An Hour

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Nice Move

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.39.15 AM

Yesterday afternoon, Rob Fox, Jake Goldman, Jared Borislow, and Alex Buscemi had a race to see who could get the drunkest by the end of the Inside TFM Podcast. They decided to use Facebook Live to broadcast the whole ordeal as well, as this was much more than just an audio event.

This idea is great in theory, right? Get hammered and then use a personal breathalyzer to see who got the most shithoused? Well, we forgot to take into account how having four drunk dudes in one room is not very conducive to podcasting, especially when one of those dudes is Boosh. Shit got… interesting? Is that the right word? Nah, probably just “borderline unwatchable.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Check it out for yourself.

If you liked (or were at the very least entertained) by what you saw/heard, make sure to subscribe to the Inside TFM Podcast on iTunes.

Congrats(?), Boosh.


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