Watch TFM’s Latest Original Video Series, “Undercover Frat Brother”

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Nice Move

Sunday, June 1st, Total Frat Move released its latest video project, “Undercover Frat Brother,” one of the many (though, sadly, non-pornographic) upcoming videos from TFM. The story of one loser alumnus’s last desperate attempt to have a fun college night by sneaking into a fraternity party, “Undercover Frat Brother,” written by and starring Bacon, has been described, despite his flailing protests, as “semi-biographical” and “uncomfortably accurate” by friends, family, and a legion of objective observers.*

Watch as our protagonist tries and fails to hit on girls, drink cheap liquor, haze, and basically navigate anything else one would encounter at a fraternity party.


*Ed. Note: Fuck you guys. – Bacon

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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