Watch The Exact Moment AJ McCarron Realizes His Girlfriend Has Become More Famous Than Him

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Nice Move

So, this video was released a couple days ago and already has north of 360,000 views. I don’t know how I haven’t seen it until now, because it’s an instant classic.

At 0:02 in the video, you can actually see the face of a young quarterback — a two-time national championship-winning quarterback — realizing his girlfriend has become more famous than him and will certainly have no other choice but to eventually upgrade.

She’ll probably get locked up with someone like Aaron Rodgers or Mike Trout, someone with maybe an MVP trophy on the mantle or multiple on the way. She’ll most likely stick to the sports realm, because you gotta “dance with who brung ya,” and she’ll already know the ropes. You know she can’t be held down by a paycheck-less college kid who’s over a year away from signing his first NFL contract. I don’t care where he plays ball or how many rings he has.

Watch McCarron’s “Oh shit” moment:

Current Twitter follower count as of 2:26pm CST, 1/10/13:

AJ – 141k
Webb – 255k

He’s holding on for dear life:

[H/T to SergeantAtArms]



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