Watch The First Six Episodes of “Exec Board”

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Nice Move

Exec Board: Inside the weekly meetings of a fraternity’s dysfunctional officers.

Episode 1: Risk Mismanagement

Episode 2: Incorrect Politicalness

The vice president is unhappy that he isn’t president and takes it out on the current executive, while no one has paid the treasurer their dues.

Episode 3: Courting Trouble

A sorority won’t pair with the fraternity for homecoming because of their degenerate reputation, and a new sex joke sweeps the house.

Episode 4: Minutes & Anals

The secretary reads off the most ridiculous minutes from past meetings, the vice president vies for more power, and the treasurer is pissed because no one has still paid any dues, at all.

Episode 5: Mis and/or Phil-anthropy, Part 1

The house is summoned to the school’s Office of Greek Life for a hearing after a philanthropy event gone horribly wrong.

Episode 6: Mis and/or Phil-anthropy, Part 2

The fraternity somehow manages to talk its way out of trouble with the office of Greek Life after an “offensive” party.

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