WATCH: The Top Moments From Penn State Coach James Franklin’s Introductory Press Conference

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Nice Move

Penn State recently named their new head coach, and it is none other than James “Unborn-Child Recruiter” Franklin from Vanderbilt. The move is a smart one on the part of the university, because there is no better way to cover up terrible press (that whole Jerry Sandusky business) than with a zany coach who will make headlines on his own accord. Remember when he called Nick Saban the devil? It was hilarious. How about the time he said he only hires assistant coaches who have hot wives? Classic!

Franklin’s hour-long press conference had its moments as well, like when, right at the beginning of the video, Franklin compliments Jerry Fisher of WBLF radio on his head, claiming that it’s a good look for him. I looked up his Twitter and, objectively speaking, it’s not that bad of a head.

That’s why you like a guy like James Franklin. He’s honest, he’s somewhat obnoxious, and according to Penn State, he’s the right coach for the Nittany Lions. Considering what he did with Vandy, it’s hard to disagree.

Here’s a video of the best moments of Franklin’s presser, courtesy of the Big Ten Network:

[via The Big Ten Network]



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