Watch This Hot FSU DG Shatter Opponents’ Ankles On The Flag Football Field AGAIN

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Nice Move

Michelle Roque is no stranger to the TFM spotlight. Her sorority, Delta Gamma at Florida State, has been ranked by us as the hottest sorority in America, and just last year, Roque herself was featured on the site for her incredible juke at a Beta Theta Pi philanthropy event.

Well, our girl Meech is back — this time with her highlight reel. And Jesus Christ is it impressive. Love the TFM shoutout at 0:14, too.

Turns out she’s not just a runner — girl’s a dual threat. Check out that cannon! Gonna start calling her Meech Vick (though I imagine, as a girl, she has a much less cavalier attitude towards dogs than her NFL comparison). With Meech Vick at the helm, your team is literally guaranteed a W… or 3.

There are a handful of people out there, including me, who would take her to be our school’s starting QB in a heartbeat. She’s an incredible athlete.

If there’s anybody who can break the NFL’s gender barrier, it’s Michelle. The world is watching. I mean, she can’t be any worse than (insert whoever the hell the Cleveland Browns’ current starting QB is here), right?

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