Watching Servicemen And Women Reload The Air Force’s Largest Combat Jet Gun Is Quite The Spectacle

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Nice Move

The amount of awe-inspiring toys that our military has to play with is seemingly never-ending. It’s at the point where if somebody told me that our Army is now using radioactive pepper spray paired with brain scan technology so that we can blind terrorists and see what they’re thinking with the click of a canister, I’d fall for it.

I’d never heard of the Air Force’s GAU-8 Avenger until now, but I’m thankful I did. Watching all the hard work that goes into reloading this thing by our servicemen and women, and then seeing the sheer destructive power the Avenger possesses, has given me a nice military boner to close out the workday.

Yeah, don’t fuck with us.

[via YouTube]

Image via YouTube


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