We Are Mizzou: A Rap-bortion

It sort of breaks my heart to post this, it hurts me a lot more than it hurts you, but... damn, this is not good. Attention all white kids who recently figured out how to use Garage Band on their Mac: STOP MAKING RAP SONGS. For every Kappa Rap 2 there are a thousand of these abominations. If Dorial Green-Beckham picks Arkansas I'm blaming this video.
h/t to Josh W. among many others

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      Paul Bear Bryant

      I’m not sure how you could possibly think that Mizzou could help the SEC. Maybe in basketball, but that doesn’t make up for football and the amount of NF there is in fucking Columbia. That place fucking sucks.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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      Winston FratChill

      the amount of NF in Columbia? Mizzou has one of the largest greek systems in ‘merica. 22% go greek. Dont let a couple of geeds from a 50-boy wannabe frat pack ruin an entire systems reputation. Laps, all of you.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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      The Waltz

      Mr. Bryant, you can kindly go fuck yourself if you truly believe that this video properly represents Mizzou Greek life, the University, or the city of Columbia.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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      Paul Bear Bryant

      I’ve been to Columbia; the Greek life is large but has no tradition whatsoever. Also, maybe it’s just the fact that I hate pledges, but I really dislike the entire Mizzou campus. The Bear does not take laps, he makes players at A&M do them until they drop dead.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    This video is absolutely mortifying, and definitely not how our Greek Life is at Mizzou. I heard some of these guys are FIJIs, which is a new “recolonizing” fraternity…clearly they should not have been allowed to leave the dorms in the first place. Compared to the SEC, our top houses are way different than at other schools, but are still very well represented. I think we will be fine in the SEC, as long as we keep these geeds out of our way :-)

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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