We Had Ourselves A Good Old-Fashioned Clown Hunt At Penn State Last Night

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Nice Move


Thousands of Penn State students took to the streets last night with any weapon they could find next to their dorm room mini fridge to hunt down every asshole in white face paint or a rainbow wig after an image of a creepy clown was projected on the side of an Old Main apartment complex.

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It’s about fucking time we’re starting to fight back. If we keep living in fear of creepy clowns as a country, these psychotic, red-nosed bozos win. And you’re a fool if you think this is just some weird nationwide hoax.

This is as big a threat to our society as there has ever been. I don’t know if it’s ISIS trying to win over a younger demographic or create a distraction, some radical “Guilty Remnant” clown cult, or aliens, but we have a very real and dangerous enemy on our hands. So stay woke and embrace your inner Happy Gilmore.

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