Weird New Trend Hits The Internet Involving Girls, A Pen, And Boobs

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Nice Move

One of the great things about the internet is that weird new trends pop up almost daily. When one of these fucking things catches on, people follow that shit for seemingly no reason at all. Half the time, they don’t even make sense. The newest of these absurd trends to gain momentum is “The Underboob Pen Challenge.”

A photo posted by Liz ( on

Seriously, what the hell? Who comes up with this shit? How high was the first girl to ever do this? Where can I get said drugs that she was on?

“You know what sounds like a fabulous idea? What if we take pictures of our underboob while simultaneously holding pens under them and turn it into a challenge?”

“Brilliant! You’ve done it again, Erica.”

When you think about it, everyone does enjoy a little tasteful underboob action. It’s a little preview of what’s to come.


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