We’re All Eli Manning When It Comes To Dancing

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Nice Move

Eli Manning embraced his whiteness on Tuesday during BTIG Charity Day. He and Victor Cruz were in the house to help raise some money for charities when someone threw on some salsa music. Being the dancer that he is, Victor Cruz hit his famous touchdown celebration dance, while Eli just kinda did some moving.

This is perfect white guy dancing form. Turn your head back and forth and move those arms to mask the fact that you have zero rhythm. I can only imagine that this was his go-to move while crushing beers at the Ole Miss Sigma Nu house during his glory days. What a legend.

The white guy dance is just awkward enough to make you cringe a little while watching, but requires just enough effort to where the ladies appreciate the attempt and then end up getting the whole dance floor wet every damn time.

h/t FOX Sports


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