Rumors Spreading Say Lane Kiffin Is Banging Everyone In Tuscaloosa, Including Saban’s Daughter

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Nice Move

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Rumors out of Tuscaloosa are saying that Alabama Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin may be close to resigning for the following reasons: he may or may not have slept with a booster’s wife, he may or may not have slept with Nick Saban’s daughter — both of which have seemingly come to light — and he may or may not have gotten into a fist fight with Saban.

Perhaps these rumors are targeted at Kiffin due to his history of being a major league douche who leaves programs in complete disarray on his way out the door, or maybe there is some truth to them. The Saban daughter rumor is the least believable because I’m 100% sure Kiffin would be wearing concrete boots at the bottom of a lake if that were true. Either way, we’re all in on this one.

It’s got to be true because it’s too good. Come on, college football gods. Give us this one.


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