Wes Welker Won Big At The Derby And Started Handing Out $100 Bills

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Nice Move

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Money won is twice as sweet as money earned. It also burns through your pocket much quicker. It’s the found money theory: when someone comes into money that he didn’t have to work for, it becomes fun money. It’s expendable, because even if you blow through all of it, you’re still back to where you started at the beginning of the day. Nothing lost, nothing gained. Actually, you gained a good time, because blowing through money is really fucking fun.

When someone who is already rich as fuck wins big at the Kentucky Derby, that money stands very little chance of ever hitting that rich person’s bank account–especially when the payout comes in the form of $100 bills.

Wes Welker, everyone’s favorite overachieving, white football player, won big at the Derby, cashed in his winning ticket, then began handing out hundreds like candy on Halloween.



A fistful of hundred dollar bills, fans clamoring for you to notice them, looking sharp, wearing aviators inside, having a BAC that’s probably north of 0.2: that’s what living the dream looks like.


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