Westboro Baptist Church Agrees To Picket In Iraq, Could Be Their Last Protest

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Nice Move

Last week, British comedian Adam Hills called out the infamous Westboro Baptist Church for threatening to picket Robin Williams’ funeral. Hills, like every other sane person in this world, was pissed that the Westboro Baptist Church would do something so awful.

So, he offered the WBC a challenge: make a difference by picketing the real people threatening the Christian faith. In Iraq.

Here is the video from his show:

Well, guess what?

The Westboro Baptist Church has accepted the offer.

It’s not okay to wish bad things on people, but damn, do I wish they make it to Iraq and infuriate everyone they see. Do you think anybody in Iraq gives two shits about the First Amendment? No. If I am a local in war-torn Baghdad, the last thing I want to see on a 120-degree day is a bunch of obese Americans from Kansas in jorts and tie-dye telling me I am going to go to hell.

It’ll be the quickest protest ever.

Hills has promised to respond to the WBC on the next episode of his show, “The Last Leg.” It airs tonight.


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