We’ve All Been In Bradley Cooper’s Shoes Fighting With Our Girl In A Public Place

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Nice Move

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The reaction Bradley Cooper had yesterday with girlfriend Irina Shayk really hit an all-too-familiar note for your boy.

In fact, we’ve all been there with the “You’re seriously doing this right now?” and “Alrighty then, I’ll just go fuck myself” faces with nowhere to go, trying to steer clear of atomic armageddon. Getting into it with your woman is the passive aggressive cold war of social interactions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college sophomore stuck at a dry sorority formal with the girl who routinely needs an update on “What are we?” or an Academy award nominated actor with his Russian supermodel girlfriend at Wimbledon, no dude is exempt from this uncomfortable, tension-filled standoff.

So the next time you’re in the car and a “what do you want to eat?” conversation turns into the Cuban Sandwich Crisis, you can find solace in even the most successful celebrity casanovas having to put up with the same BS as us regular folks.


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