We’ve Got Huge News Regarding Copenhagen Mint

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We've Got Huge News Regarding Copenhagen Mint That You'll Want To Know

Copenhagen Mint is the cream of the crop of the Copenhagen blends. For years, many have sought it out, but few have actually found it. Fear not, my tobacco-loving friends. I am here to bring you good news to make your day that much better.

And here it is:

Copenhagen Mint. Coming March 2016…

Posted by Outlaw on Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Boom. If that doesn’t give your lip a half chub, then, well, you probably don’t dip. We’ve all been waiting for the national release of Cope Mint and it seems that the time is now. So get excited folks.

A year ago, I wrote about what your choice in dip says about you, and I specifically left off mint from the flavored dips solely because of Cope Mint. If you’re dipping the mint blend of this fine tobacco, then you are the gentleman and scholar among your friends.


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