What Your Favorite Type Of Porn Says About You

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What Your Favorite Type Of Porn Says About You

Porn is everyone’s favorite leisurely activity. Some people use it relieve the stress of life. Some use it for pure entertainment. And some use it because they have the inability to talk to the opposite sex. The thing about porn is that it comes in all shapes, sizes, genres, colors, and fetishes. You pervs name it and it’s probably out there in the adult film world.

But what does your favorite type of porn say about you? Your go-to video as they say. What does it mean when you’re watching nothing but gang bangs while your buddy is in the room next door peeping college girls going solo on themselves? Thanks to Pop Crunch, we can now answer that question, and apparently there is a lot of science behind it.

Next time you click on “dad rails babysitter while mom’s away” for the 100th time, it’s because there is something going on in your brain. Science is crazy.

[via Pop Crunch]


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