Whataburger Trolls Notre Dame Football, Has A Surprisingly Robust Twitter Game

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Nice Move


Notre Dame fell just short of a win in Austin yesterday and was already in for a long ride home when Whataburger had to go ahead and rub salt in the wound. The restaurant took to Twitter to offer Notre Dame a parting message.

Come on Whataburger, that’s just dirty. Notre Dame already has to return to a featureless land, one without so much as an A-framed burger joint on the horizon. Don’t make it worse than it has to be.

Upon delving into Whataburger’s Twitter feed, I can confidently say that they are one of the few companies that isn’t at a loss for how to run their social media. Browsing their feed will leave you impressed and hungry.

Whataburger: Having a better Twitter game than you since 2011.

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