What’s The Matter With You People?

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Nice Move

TFM users

What’s the matter with you people? While you, the readers of TFM, are wishing heinous death threats upon us and detailing unholy acts of which you’d like to perform on our mothers, the readers of PGP are out here telling us about their days and hoping my allergies clear up.

Thanks for the phone call, Kevin.

I’m open to any theories you guys feel like throwing out about why PGP Kevin is such a gentle soul but TFM user “Booger_Sugar” is a complete asshole. And it’s no anomaly. Each respective site representative is a solid example of the user bases as wholes. It’s an absolute mess in here, whereas the waters of PGP are as calm as could be. Every day.

PGP: “Hey guys, this is Kevin.”
TFM: “Fuck you, Dorn.”

PGP: Podcast listener shares relatable, funny tidbit about his day.
TFM: Readers trash the site, its writers, the writers’ families, and everything they believe in.

PGP: “Dillon, I hope the allergies get better, man.”
TFM: “Dorn touches little boys.”

PGP: “Have a great day. Bye.”
TFM: “Your site is going to shit.”

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P.S. Never change because I love you all dearly.


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