What’s Your State’s Favorite Beer?

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Nice Move

Move aside, Anheuser-Busch. America has a new king of beers, and it’s wearing girl jeans.

Blue Moon, people? 18 states actually prefer to drink BLUE MOON? You hipsters.

I’ll never get the appeal of Blue Moon. Too citrusy. Too foreign. Too heavy to chug in consecutive rounds.

Taking home the silver medal is Bud Light, which comes as no surprise. Gonna have to give it up to those funny-talking New Englanders, here. Sam Adams and Yuengling are a couple of diesels worth writing home to Mom about.

How’d your state pan out? Take a gander below for the state-by-state breakdown.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.35.12 PM

It’s becoming abundantly clear America needs a new beast of a beer company to emerge that is befitting of this nation’s greatness. The fact that Canada’s two most prominent non-craft beer companies, Molson and LaBatt, absolutely annihilate our homegrown potables might be the biggest black eye on our nation’s history, and considering the fact we allowed the Jersey Shore guidos to become household names, that’s really saying something.

Until the day of our great alcoholic exodus comes, you should first raise your standards before the next time you raise your glasses.

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