Wichita State Student Killed Attempting To Prevent ISIS Suicide Bombing

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A 22-year-old Wichita State student died preventing an ISIS suicide bombing in his home country of Saudi Arabia last week.

Abdul Al-Arbash, an engineering student, had come home for the summer because he was planning to get married. He was killed while manning a civilian checkpoint, when he and his friend chased down a suicide bomber and prevented him from entering a mosque.

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives and killed four people outside the mosque, including Al-Arbash, who is credited with preventing a much deadlier attack.

From CNN:

The blast also killed Jalil’s brother, Mohammed, and their cousin, Alarbash’s father, speaking in Arabic, said in a video posted Saturday.

The elder Alarbash said the trio volunteered as security guards at the Al-Anoud Mosque, located in a predominantly Shiite neighborhood, and that they died “heroes” because they prevented the suicide bomber from getting inside, where scores of Shiite Muslims were worshiping at the time.

“The suicide bomber approached the mosque wearing (a traditional robe worn by women),” he said. “They suspected him so they stopped him and uncovered his face.”

ISIS is so damn awful. This is just really sad. All the credit in the world to this kid. People throw around the “hero” distinction far too often, but Al-Arbash truly deserves that title. Wichita State should be proud that he attended the university.

[via CNN]

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