Widespread STDs At WVU Lead To Condom Dispensers In Fraternity Houses

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Nice Move

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From TheDaOnline:

WellWVU: The Students’ Center of Health is teaming up with the fraternities on campus to promote safe sex and prevent sexually transmitted infections.

The first condom dispenser was installed in Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s house last week.

Great move here by the health center. Safe sex is the best sex. Sexually-transmitted diseases can be real semester derailers, and condoms will help to buck the trend. Throw in pregnancy prevention, and rubbers are a college student’s best friend.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the first house to have them installed, but eight West Virginia University fraternity houses will have the dispensers installed inside them.

“We know that STIs are an issue on campus, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about appropriate use across the board with students,” Harshbarger said.

The dispenser is covered in facts about safe sex to prevent students from contracting STIs.

“This is a first step in increasing access to condoms and increasing information,” Harshbarger said. “These two things hand in hand will ultimately be what contributes to a reduction in the spreading of STIs on campus.”

I’m going to suggest they bring a stud finder and bolt these fuckers to the wall. A drunk college kid with easy access to fraternity paddles and golf clubs will want to tee off on these things.

Good on you, WVU.

[via TheDaOnline]

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