Will Ferrell, As A Security Guard, Kicks Shaq Out Of Laker Game

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Nice Move

I’ve just accepted that I will never fully understand why Will Ferrell does what he does.

During a Tuesday night basketball game between the Lakers and the Suns, which ended with an embarrassingly close 91-85 win for the Lakers, Will Ferrell joined stadium security in the second half of the game, complete with the famous red coat.

And Ferrell just stood along the court for the entire duration of the second half.

Actually, that last part’s not entirely true. Ferrell did leave the court at one point: to escort Shaquille O’Neal from the game.

Ferrell, who is once again sporting (Get it? “Sporting?” Fuck yeah, I’m funny, not like Will Ferrell funny, but still) a Ron Burgundy mustache for the upcoming Anchorman sequel, has yet to speak up on why exactly he threw Shaq out of the arena.

Was Shaq making too much noise? Did Will just really hate the movie “Kazaam?” Could Will sense just how bored Shaq was by the pathetically close game? We may never actually know, since Mr. Ferrell’s absurdist comedy is better when it’s not explained.

The best part of this entire story isn’t the fact that Ferrell stayed in-character as a security guard the whole time or that he kicked Shaq to the curb. Rather, it’s the fact that during the entire second half, Will was sporting a name tag which read: “Ted Vagina.”

So far, there is absolutely no explanation for why or how the name “Ted Vagina” was chosen for Ferrell’s security persona. Personally, I’m betting on the simple fact that vagina is a funny word and that a guy with the last name “Vagina” is even funnier.


Will knows his audience well. Will knows his fans and knows that we will think that “Ted Vagina” is a hilarious name and will go check out to see when the movie is coming out and if John C. Reilly will be playing his best friend, “Jeff Uterus.” (I checked IMDb, no such luck yet)

But really, if this isn’t for a movie, I’m glad to see that Will Ferrell hasn’t let stardom go to his head and I hope that he will continue pulling shit like this for years to come.

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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Nice Move


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