Hugo Chavez’s death being announced just in time for an anti-Communism, celebratory happy hour. TFM.

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Nice Move


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      I once asked a TA of mine (Communist, naturally) if she could name one invention or idea that came out of the USSR or its satellite states that still exists today in its original form. She couldn’t name one but did note that the USSR launched a satellite prior to the Americans- I responded that Sputnik was a sperm-looking monstrosity that could barely pass for anything that came out of the USA. I also informed her that no Democratic society with the freedom of speech has ever suffered from widespread famine (metaphorically stabbing her right in her “save Africa button) and that after the fall of the Berlin wall fell it was revealed that Soviet technology lagged behind western technology by a efficiency factor of 30% meaning. I then whipped out my dong pointed to its hardness and exclaimed “born in the USA” and told her that a Yugo has less power than her muff-covered vibrator. Fuck that cunt in her 3rd fat roll.

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