Win $500 Playing Opening Day Fantasy Baseball

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Nice Move

Top 5 Reasons To Try It Out

1.You can win $500 on Opening Day in a contest just for TFM readers. It’s only $10 to enter, and you’ll walk away with $500 if you get first place.

2. Contests on DraftKings last just 1-day. You can draft your team one day, and get paid $500 the next. This isn’t your weak ass fantasy baseball league where you bust your ass for an entire season just to walk away empty handed while your friends mock you.

3. First time depositors get a 100% bonus (they match the amount you deposit). Turning down free money is stupid. Don’t be stupid.

4. On top of the 100% bonus, they’ve got a special offer just for TFM readers: deposit $25 or more and you’ll get 2 FREE contest entries in your account.

5. Drafting a team is incredibly easy, as you can see below.


The contest kicks off on March 31, 120 people can enter, and like I said, 1st place wins $500. 2nd place wins $250, 3rd place wins $100, 4th place through 10th win $20, and 11th place through 20th win $15. All you have to do is finish in the top 20 to make money. Don’t blow it.



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