Wisconsin AEPi Jumps Into River To Save Drowning Man

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Nice Move


David Blauzvern, 23, was going about his morning run like any other day when he came across a dire situation. A man was flailing around and screaming in the East River, and Blauzvern acted quickly and decisively to save him.

From Daily News NY:

The 23-year-old investment banker was the first of three good Samaritans who, without a second of hesitation, fearlessly jumped into the river near E. 10th St., following after a suicidal man who had decided to end it all.

“I was running along the path and there was a crowd of 10 or 15 people looking out on a guy in the water flailing his arms and screaming,” Blauzvern, from Roslyn, L.I., told the Daily News. “I jumped in and held him up until a police boat showed up and brought him in.”

“There wasn’t really much thought behind it,” he said. “You see a guy drowning, you jump in to help.”

The drowning man appeared to be suicidal, and was incoherent when Blauzvern jumped in to rescue him. He was taken to a hospital following the incident.

How about that? Blauzvern risking his own life to save that of another. If that’s not a true embodiment of one’s fraternal values, then I don’t know what is. It’s comforting to know that there are people like him around that will do what it takes to help out a stranger in need.

[via Daily News NY]

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