Wisconsin Once Mistook Former Recruit’s Name As “Cunt” On Recruiting Letter

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Nice Move

Wisconsin Once Mistook Former Recruit's Name For Cunt On Recruiting Letter

Recruiting in college football can be stressful for both the athletes and the recruiters. Recruiters, however, have to walk a tightrope so they don’t piss off their targets. One silly mistake and you could lose the guy you want to another team in your conference. Clint Copenhaver, a stocky linebacker from Michigan who was a highly sought after recruit in the early ’90s, found himself in a recruiting war before he committed to a university. One of the teams after him was Wisconsin, but the Badgers lost Clint to the University of Michigan.

Why didn’t he pick the Badgers? Well, unfortunately for the Wisconsin faithful, Clint had some beef with a certain recruiting letter that he received from the university. Was it the contents of the letter that turned him off? Not at all. It was the misspelling of his name that he didn’t particularly enjoy. Copenhaver wanted to make sure that the new Michigan recruiter did not make the same mistake, so he posted a picture of that letter to Twitter:

Cunt Copenhaver — what a name! And what an oversight by Wisconsin.

The greatest thing about Copenhaver posting this picture is the fact that he’s held on to this letter for 20 years before putting it on the internet for everyone to see. Ultimate power move.

Image via The Daily Collegian


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