Wisconsin SigEp Terminated For Culturally Appropriating Midwestern Farmers

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Nice Move


The Wisconsin Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter was terminated Tuesday after an investigation into a summer “hick” themed party by university officials who believed the fraternity was appropriating Midwestern agricultural folk.

From The Cap Times:

Dean of students Lori Berquam added her concerns in a statement Wednesday. “I am deeply concerned by the pattern of health, safety and legal violations that has emerged at this student organization’s events. In addition, its promotion of an event that insults people of a rural background is completely contrary to the values UW-Madison stands for and the positive, inclusive behaviors we encourage our students to engage in,” she said.

I’m sure SigEp already being on suspension during the unregistered party, along with a couple underage kids getting popped by police with fake IDs and the “Dump ’em out” banner hanging off their house, certainly didn’t help their cause with the review board. But good riddance.

How dare these white, Midwestern, “bubbler”-drinking, dairy farm-handling douche”baygs” make fun of white, Midwestern, “bubbler”-drinking dairy farmers? They should have gotten the boot years ago for this type of cultural insensitivity.

Good on Wisconsin for taking such a hard stance against self deprecation and self awareness. No one should be allowed to mock you — not even you. Ya hey, no kidding. Now go stop to da pig, grab some Spotted Cow, drink yourself silly, and walk through the stop ‘n go lights until a car flattens you side by each with the pavement.

[via The Cap Times]

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