Woman Weasels Out Of DUI By Claiming Her Body Brews Alcohol

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Nice Move


When I first heard this, I immediately assumed this chick got off the hook by way of police corruption. She definitely pushed her tits up, gave her officer the baby eyes, and blew him in the backseat of the patrol car. That’s the only way a dumbass excuse like this could fly. Might as well just say, “Come on, officer. I’m not drunk. Pinky swear?”

But as it turns out, this lady suffers from a legitimate disease called “auto-brewery syndrome,” which causes her gut to churn out high levels of yeast. Who knew?

From WKYT:

A lawyer representing the woman says her blood-alcohol level has been recorded at four times the legal limit when she hasn’t had a drink. She didn’t discover her rare condition until after her arrest.

Attorney Joseph Marusak says he submitted medical evidence of his client’s condition, known as “auto-brewery syndrome,” to a suburban Buffalo judge who dismissed the DWI charges this month.

Does this means she’s drunk all the time without having to buy alcohol? Is the disease transmittable? If so, are any sufferers out there willing to meet up?

[via WKYT]

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