Would You Play A Round Of Golf With These Guys?

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Nice Move

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When it comes to golf course etiquette, there are a number of different fields of thought. You have the truists, who adhere to the “no outside alcohol” policy, don’t step on putting lines, and will make you hit first if you’re a centimeter out. You have the casual golfers, who will sneak a sixer in but still buy a Gatorade from the cart girl, play ready golf, and take a few mullys.

And then you have these guys.

They photobomb.

They tuck and roll.

And they execute destructive, high-speed bailouts.

Their antics are hilarious to watch, for sure; but do you think you could handle an afternoon of drunken debauchery out on the links with these guys? No doubt you’d be succumbing yourself to them yelling “PUSSY!” during your backswing off the tee and farting mid-putting stroke.

So with all that in mind, would you play a round of golf with these guys? Let us know.

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