Only using self-destructive outlets for stress. TFM.

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Nice Move


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      Aint that the truth. Last time i got a little carried away and popped some blood vessels in my eye and had to wear an eye patch for 6 months. I had a lazy eye for 6 months but got kicked in the face by a goat and it went back straight.

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      The only question i have would be is it ok to toss her salad after she dies, or is that a little much? I figure before i dump her in the pool at the closest housing projects, i want to get my biggest bang for my buck, if you will.

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      I’ve found a safer alternative is choke-fucking girls. Get a hooker, and strangle her to death while railing her, the more they struggle the better. It’s a totally different sensation, yes, but its just as enjoyable.

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