WWE Commentator Legend Jim Ross Wants To Start Calling MLB Games, And I’m All For It

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Nice Move

Jim Ross Wants To Start Calling MLB Games, And I'm All For It

Sports announcers mark their names in the history books with great calls. From Gus Johnson going nuts over a 20-yard run on FOX College Football to Hawk Harrelson’s “He gone!” call — these classic takes make watching the game on TV that much more entertaining. A good call can make or break a sports moment.

If you know WWE announcing, you know that Jim Ross is a legend with many classic calls under his belt. Well, recently, Jim Ross was asked about taking his talents to the MLB world, and he was all for it.


Earlier in the MLB offseason, Pittsburgh Pirates Tim Neverett left the Bucco when he signed on to call Red Sox games for the 2016 season and beyond. So there is a void in the Pirates TV booth as of now, and Jim Ross would be perfect for the job. Just imagine the possibilities when Starlin Marte hits a towering home run or Andrew McCutchen robs a home run. Or even better, if the Pirates won the damn pennant.

Here’s a few samples of what we could expect in the sports world called by JR:

He might be better suited for football, but I’m all for the move to baseball. If the Pirates don’t make this signing, they will be the biggest losers of the offseason.

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