‘Yeah Yeah’ From The Sandlot Is Now A World Class D-Bag

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Nice Move

Yeah Yeah seems to be carrying quite a bit of hostility and general douchebaggery around with him after his old pal Squints Palledorous was able to bag Wendy Peffercorn all those years ago and he wasn’t. Other fish in the sea, Yeah Yeah.


“Have you ever seen the movie The Sandlot? I’m Yeah Yeah, the muthafuckin’ goddamn movie star.”

This loser spouted that line off like he’d been waiting years for someone to put another camera in his face. You know he misses that childhood fame, and he’s just clinging on to whatever’s left of it. It is nice to see, however, that his vocabulary has broadened since his little league days, but it’s a shame that he grew up to be a roid-raging, meathead chotchfuck.

Watch the video:

This guy needs an ass-whipping like the Biebs needs to pull his pants up. I won’t be the one to give it to him, but someone much bigger than me needs to step up and do this loser a favor.

Furthermore, a quick Google search tells me Yeah Yeah was arrested in 2009 for beating up his girlfriend.

He’ll always have The Sandlot, I guess.



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