Yeti Weekend Recap – Week 2

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Nice Move

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For those of you not in the know and not doing things FTY yet, Yeti is an app that is essentially a live feed of EVERYTHING happening on college campuses across the country sent in by the students on that campus themselves. It’s got the stuff you wanna see, not just the stuff those corporate censors shove down your throats. Below are the best Yetis from this past weekend that we can actually show you. To get in next week’s edition, screenshot your campus’ Yetis and send them to


Bad day to be a visitor.


Looks like a decent time.


I can’t tell if this is idiotic or ingenious. Definitely unconventional, though.


Got heeeeeeeem!


You don’t need no handicap tag when you’re driving around in Old Glory.


Tie-wearing coaches need love, too.


Here’s one Miami fan who doesn’t have to pay for Tinder.


I wish, I wish I was a fish.


Zonked in Morgantown.


This is how every pitmaster should look.

And here’s a compilation of the best video Yetis of the week.

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