You Can Now Buy Ad Space On Strippers

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Nice Move

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It seems every which way you turn your head, you’ll likely get bitch slapped with some form of advertising. Movies and television are full of product placements, sports games are riddled with sponsorships, and you can’t even go to a public park without seeing some local cock-juggling lawyer plastered all over benches and billboards. Now these evil advertising bastards are thinking of some next-level shit, and they plan to ruin a good ol’ pair of titties.

Show Palace, a full nude cabaret in New York City, is partnering with PornHub to launch SkinAds, which will essentially turn strippers into stock cars.

From GQ:

Show Palace’s SkinAds, which includes placement on strippers’ backs, stomachs, legs and/or arms, will be displayed in three-day intervals and priced at varying rates, depending on location, size and time of week. The gentlemen’s cabaret is also offering various packages, including the “full body experience,” which utilizes all body parts.
“With this offering, we’re giving brands a new avenue to advertise,” said Show Palace manager, Mike Diaz. “And, unlike billboards or newspaper advertisements, with the nature of placement – a naked women’s body – this offering can almost guarantee that advertisements will be seen. We’re thrilled to be kicking off the offering with Pornhub, which understands the value of advertising, as we saw with its recent national, mainstream advertising campaign.”

You have to imagine only the most upstanding of companies are going to jump onboard, but when I’m getting a lap dance, seeing a tramp stamp for Jane’s Dildo Company will no doubt be distracting and ruin the otherwise enjoyable experience.

Granted, this could be a great way to shamelessly promote Rowdy Gentleman. The toasting man on a nice pair of sweater puppies or dat ass would do wonders for our public image. However, the general clientele isn’t exactly our target market.

On second thought, never mind. Fuck this idea of SkinAds all around.

[via GQ]

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