You Need To See This Smoking Hot Surfer Babe Who’s Dating Bama’s Freshman QB

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Nice Move

Ever since AJ McCarron moved onto the NFL, there has been a gaping hole in the Alabama football team. No, I’m not talking about the hole at quarterback. See, I’m talking about the hole left by Katherine Webb. She brought a radiance to sports TV as cameraman were doing their best work to get her on the tube. It was the best of times to watch Alabama football.

Now, after the short hiatus, we may be in luck thanks to freshman quarterback Blake Barnett. It seems that along with the 5-star rating, he is bringing a smoking hot surfer babe named Madeline Grace Peterson on his arm.

Had to say bye to this awesome girl today. Thanks for visiting T-Town, I'll see you soon.

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Blake hasn’t even been named the starter and he’s already swimming in grade A talent. Even with hair like that. God, the life of a college QB is one to live. Alex Moran would be proud.

Maddie hails from New Jersey and has been crushing it in the World Surf League. But most importantly, she is so hot, just so hot.

Good lord, she’s a keeper. One thing is for sure, Brent Musburger is excited for this year’s Alabama games.


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