You Won’t Believe How Much This Ziploc Bag Filled With Air From A Kanye Concert Is Going For On eBay

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Nice Move


90 bids. $60,100. You have got to be shitting me, society. How does this happen?

Gotta love the fact that eBay includes a “Have one to sell?” button below the image of the item just in case anyone else has a bag of air from a Kanye concert that they’d like to unload on a ridiculously stupid person.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ample-assed reality TV/porn star wife, was tickled by the sentiment that air from her husband’s show could be sold at such a high price.

How the shit were NINETY people insane enough to bid actual currency on this? $60,100 is nearly the average household income in the United States. I give up.


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