You’ll Love This Guy Raising Money To Draw The World’s Biggest Dick #DickStarter

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Nice Move

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From Kickstarter:

You used to shade ’em in, drawing them with pencil, you know, trying to perfect it. Nice, long shaft, straight, and a strong head with a good little pee hole.

This is a direct quote from Alex Wong, the recent college graduate trying to raise money to draw the biggest dick the world has ever seen. Before watching the video, most of you will likely think that attempting to raise money to draw the world’s biggest dick is the world’s dumbest idea, and maybe this Wong guy is the world’s biggest dick for trying to swindle people out of their hard-earned money for such a pointless, immature venture.

Then you watch it, and it all just sort of makes sense. Wong methodically pulls you in and captures your sophomoric heart with dry, subtle dick humor and adorable, elementary dick doodles. By the end of the video, all you really want to do next is see the world’s biggest dick drawing.

Wong is enlisting the help of Kickstarter–or #DickStarter, as he calls it– to raise the funds for his dick. Here’s how it’ll work:

The pledges for this art project will directly dictate the outcome of the dick drawing. Every dollar will add an inch to the drawing. The inches will be accumulated and drawn on high quality paper, then the paper will be spread out to form the dick drawing. This forming of the dick drawing will most likely take place outside wherever a large surface area is available. The goal is set at 100 inches (which would probably be a record breaking dick drawing) but I will draw this thing as many inches as the pledges expect me to.

I can’t imagine 100 inches would be the world’s biggest dick drawing. I’ve seen dicks drawn on football fields that stretch from endzone to endzone. Do those count as drawings? Can we get a ruling?

The video is below. Don’t watch unless you have money to contribute, because you will want to contribute.

He set his goal at $100, but he’s already bonered past that and is sitting at $486. How big will this thing get?

[via Kickstarter]


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