You’ll Want To See This Hot College Golfer Tee Up A Ball On Her Teammate’s Ass

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Nice Move

Hot college golfer alert! Hot college golfer alert! We have another hot female college golfer on our hands.

This one comes to us from the University of South Florida, which, mind you, is no further south than the University of Central Florida. Geography is tough for Floridians, much like everything else.

Anyway, her name is Maria Rodriguez, and she deserves some “hot golfer” attention. Especially for teeing up a shot on her teammate’s ass and then hitting a drive, for some reason.

Things you can do with a big butt and a good golf swing 🍑⛳️ @nanimerchi

A video posted by @marirodriguez on

Wow. Impressive. Is this impressive? I’m not actually sure. But I enjoyed watching it. Let’s take a look at more of Maria’s pics, because we are first and foremost, internet creeps.

Adversity will cause some people to break and others to break records 💚💙

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

Elegir es renunciar al resto…. 💙 #selfie

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

10 days for the first tournament of the season 💚💚 #gobulls #tbt

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

You COLOR my world 💛💜💚💙❤️

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen 💙 #tb

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

Yesterday. Feeling the pink & white 💟

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

Perfection is unattainable… 💙 #golf

A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

Yeah, she is hot. Great visor game, too. I think I’m going to follow women’s golf this year.

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