Young Tennessee Fan Hilariously Trolls UMass Cheerleaders At Tourney Game

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Nice Move


Simultaneously mocking your opponent’s mascot and meager sexual prowess while offering your own intimate services to their presumably unsatisfied women during a big postseason win is an onion of power moves: layers upon layers of dominance sure to make said opponent cry once it’s all opened up. The fact that this power move came from such a young, impeccably dressed Tennessee fan makes it all the better. Someone should have a bid lined up for this kid when the day comes.

Considering that UMass lost — and not well at that — there is no snarky comeback any Minutemen fan can legitimately give. A simple and respectful tip of the cap, or perhaps a “Well played, you little bastard,” is all the UMass faithful should be offering. Everyone else should be high-fiving this kid. Hell I’d sneak him a beer for his efforts. Plus, those pants are on point. Someone’s mom knows how to shop. I bet she’s a MILF.

The only other thought I had while looking at this magnificent photo was, “Oh, so that’s what the average TFM reader looks like.”

Well played kid, you funny little bastard.

[via @VolVenus]


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